Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. I've been busy and exhausted, but always thinking about food.
I set a goal for myself: Eat a salad a day. So far I've met it. I ate a salad Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and today. Fresh, colourful, light, and healthy. I'm going to keep a record of it on the fridge. I'm going to start adding meat to them, too. Imitation crab meat, shrimp, and chicken is on the shopping list today. Sometimes I add cheese. Just a little crumble. I feel so nice and light after I eat them. A daily ritual I look forward to. Ritual is also something I have been slowly adding to my life. Not routine, but ritual. As in when I eat, I eat at the table without the TV on and I focus on eating slowly and wonderfully. It really is a way to inner peace and health and happiness. I think the Dalai Lama is still in the air here.
I don't think the Dalai Lama would like MSG. I remember when I was a kid, the big fuss about its undeniable grossness and prominence in Chinese food. Many or most places removed it from their cooking. But, I've noticed of late that MSG is still around, quite obviously in fact. In potato chips mostly-Doritos and Ruffles for example-as well as other random foodstuffs. How disappointing. Maybe one of my next food goals can be reading the ingredients of everything I buy everytime. Most of the time I just forget. It's not part of my shopping consciousness, just like it's not part of my clothes shopping consciousness to check the quality of stitching and buttons on garments I want to buy. Undoing ignorant lifestyle habits is extremely hard work, especially when our general disconnection from what I buy and eat, where it comes from, how its made, who made it is so deeply ingrained in North American society. One step at a time. In the meantime, I will continue to fantasize about crab meat dipped in hot butter.

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