Saturday, September 5, 2009

Someone Just Cut Some Stinky Cheese

This post will be short. The scheduler for my job at the market can go suck it. Thanks for the one week notice that I will no longer be needed at the markets after next weekend. Please pass me on as a reference as I highly regard your work, she says. Some regard. I hope someone cuts some stinky cheese in your face you stupid cheese-face. On the bright side, I'm making a nice dinner tonight: sole baked with a bit of honey, crushed pecans, and vegetable oil, and some simple boiled potatoes with butter, salt, and pepper. And you know, it is true, Julia Child does sort of look like Dan Akroyd. She is on KCTS right now, but my god, she is an incredible chef. I have never seen anyone make eggs so perfectly and quickly. Next thing on kitchen wish list: cast-iron pans.

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