Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I don't think there is a better feeling than coming home from a fun grocery shopping trip, filling the fridge with goodies, and seeing the final result: a full, colourful fridge. I love grocery shopping when I have the time to go to a few places, and get the best deals and learn to love food. My boyfriend hates grocery shopping; it's a one-stop shop at Safeway for him. Which is fine, of course. But, I derive so much joy from food that it would seem a grave injustice to myself, and the incredible bounty the world (and people) produce for me to eat and enjoy, to dislike it and not give grocery shopping the time and respect it deserves. Today the groceries were culled from Drive Organics, Santa Barbara Market on the Drive, and Safeway. I bought some parsley today-for the first time ever probably-because I heard that it is good in upping your sex drive. Hey, what can I say, I love food and sex. Santa Barbara Market is another Drive revelation. They have everything that I love-green onions, goat's feta, sandwich meats-and all of great quality, and honestly of the most importance to me right now, great price! You know, this is what shopping for food should be about: adventure, epiphanies, discovery, sensual delights, excitement, child-like giddiness!
Food, glorious food.
On tonight's menu: salad with imitation crab. Mmm mmm, good. Looking forward to it as always.
On my life's dream list: becoming a food critic. What a great job that would be? Getting paid to write about and eat food, for free. Better than winning the lottery even. Unless the lottery included free dinners for life at my favourite restaurants. A girl can dream man.

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