Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jess to Cyberspace, Are You Listening?

Well, I don't have much to say today. I guess I just wanted to write something. I'm not feeling that great this week. Down, sad, really stressed. Did you know that the average person today suffers from the same amount of stress as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950's did? That's insane, no pun intended. We've got to find ways to relax, chill out our lives, and be happier. Food is one way to do that. It helps me sometimes. Cooking a great meal for yourself is rejuvenating, a confidence-booster, a smile-enhancer. Even something as simple as the egg salad sandwich I made for myself today was a boost. It's nice to know that when you chop a boiled egg up in a bowl, mix in some mayonnaise, sprinkle some cayenne pepper in it, and throw some chopped red peppers in the mix, you get what makes a great egg salad sandwich. Every time. Without fail. Reassuring I guess is what it is. I think it's perfectly okay to find comfort in food. Maybe not drowning your sorrows away by eating bags and bags of Doritos, or pints of ice cream. Well, every now and again, that's fine, maybe just don't make it a regular habit. Food is a powerful antidote to almost anything that feels negative and shitty. That downright is negative and shitty. Whether you made it for yourself or not. A hilarious side note here, I eventually figured out why my coffee was so gross and weak this my daze, I just went ahead and took the '6' on the coffee jug as 6 oz. Which it is so definitely not. More like 6 cups!:P Haha. Oh well. All for the better really. That awesome cup of joe I will make myself tomorrow will be the best one ever brewed in comparison to the one today.

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