Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Blender and a Whisk

I've been away for a while. Longer than I thought actually. I guess I hit a bit of a brick wall last week. Job applications are supremely exhausting and my brain just shut down. I didn't think my writing was very good. It sounded like some vegan gluten-free baking: bland, boring, and lifeless. It seemed stilted, not witty or interesting. Creatively-as far as writing went-I had come unglued. I'm still feeling that way actually.
I desperately want to make a hollandaise sauce. In the next week I hope. I don't know if that plum cobbler will ever happen. All I can think about is the scene where Eric-Julie Powell's husband-is sucking on a piece of artichoke dipped into hollandaise sauce. It's like I can taste it right now: creamy, delicious, and decadent. This near-obsessive pre-occupation with hollandaise sauce and artichokes has brought me to a new must-have-now (or soon) list: a blender, a whisk, and a mixing bowl. The blender will have to wait, but I think a trip to Kitchen Corner is on the menu this week to pick up a whisk and a mixing bowl, and maybe a door mat.
The enjoyment of food is truly a sensual, even sexual experience. Is that weird? Well, if it is, I'm revelling in its weirdness.
Back to job applications. Now to make things clear, I am not jobless. I do have a job and I was just offered a new one. But the pursuit for full-time hours is one I am still questing towards. "Questing". New word. Copyright 2009. Jessica Roberts-Farina.
Groggy today. Pray for my hollandaise sauce. I'll try to keep myself awake. That's equal responsibility right?

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