Sunday, September 6, 2009

Julie & Julia

Julie Powell is to me what Julia Child is/was to Julie. At least, she is becoming that way for me. Julie is the reason why I decided to write this blog. She will probably never read this; she may not even like my blog, but in my head, she is awesome. I saw Julie & Julia for the second time today and I loved it. Everything feels better, more sumptuous, more wonderful, more possible when I watch that movie; when I'm lost in the worlds of Julie & Julia, New York and France, respectively. With some stops in Oslo and Connecticut along the way. Thus, I bought Julie & Julia for myself today. On my credit card yes, but I figured I deserve it. I'm determined to cobble together full-time work. Yes, my frighteningly low-sub one hundred dollars-chequing account is acting as motivation, but in a similar effort to Julie, I want to better my life because I deserve it and I am capable of doing so. I've been struggling financially for some time now and it is in food that I can escape. And create and make and please and love. I remember reading a few months ago some reporter saying that in times of crisis, economic crisis to be exact, people look to food for comfort. At the time, I thought that was bullshit. Well, now, to say the least, I have been changed.
Tomato soup and fries for dinner. Nothing earth-shattering, certainly no oeufs des cocottes (gosh I don't even know if that's spelt right), or boeuf bourgignon. But it's food and I'm going to enjoy it.

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