Saturday, March 24, 2012

365 Days of Dining

Greetings Readers!

What a beautiful spring day it was in Vancouver today. Sunshine, sweet scent, the world re-awakening from a long cold slumber. Early spring is a time of transition for the natural world every year; early spring is a time for transition for me this year. I am in the midst of huge changes in life, some of which have happened already (career change), some of which are happening as we speak (soul searching), and others that are yet to be (life situation). 

In my constant efforts to infuse this transition with purpose, goals, dreams, and challenges, I am applying for the amazing 365 Days of Dining food blogger position with Tourism Richmond. I am so very excited about the prospects of simply being selected for the Top Ten, even though, of course, my goal is to get the whole shebang and be the new super-psyched ambassador for Richmond, a city that has been my vibrant and ever-changing backyard since I was born. 

Eating at The Grilled Cheese Grill in Portland, Or.
The competition is stiff, but I am a competitor and I have a lot of unique qualities to bring to this position that others may not have. 

The selection of the next great food blogger is not up to the public, but you can support my quest by checking out my YouTube audition video below and doing the following if you dig it: a) "Like" the YouTube video, b) "Share" the YouTube video and encourage others to watch and "like" it on YouTube, c) write nice comments on the YouTube video page, and d) give me mad props using my full name Jessica Roberts-Farina on Tourism Richmond's Facebook page, the headquarters for the job application process and conversation. All I ask is if you don't dig the video, please keep it to yourself. I want to keep everything positive, peeps! 

Thank you to all of my readers, friends, and family for your support in my heartfelt campaign. I'm not doing it for the prestige or the dollars, but for my sheer love of bringing the joy of food and urban culture to you!

And for your enjoyment, a photo of a recent homemade breakfast, greasy spoon-style.

Egg, bacon, tomatoes, and potatoes. Yum.

With thoughts of hardy crocuses and snowdrops in mind,
The Fledgling Basement Foodie.