Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Curse of the Food Allergy (or My Search for Vancouver's Best Pizza)

Just finished munching on a piece of celery here. I always feel incredibly better, lighter, and healthier after a nice crunch stick of celery. Not to go all nutritionist on you, but eating celery, asparagus, and grapefruit are surefire ways to keep you feeling light and clean. I guarantee it.
I have a food allergy, you see. Actually, I have many. Bananas, raw carrots don't sit well with me, dairy products, I'm having a deja vu here-I think I wrote about this before. Well, it occupies much of daily mindspace, as having food allergies is a total pain in the ass, but something you really have to pay attention to if you don't want to feel bloated, fat, and disgusting. Did I mention disgusting? The one that is alternately the bane of my existence and a blessing in disguise is my wheat, gluten, and yeast allergy. Sooo many products have these ingredients in them, or at least one of them. I started getting really serious about taking care of my health and avoiding the foods which make me feel bloated, fat, and disgusting (about a year and a half ago). I am a devoted follower and eater of spelt and kamut products. I almost always have spelt bread and pasta in the house; the pasta is the lightest I have ever had. I think it has a makeout session with my stomach everytime I have that. It's truly delightful. I avoid anything that either obviously or most likely has wheat or gluten or yeast in it, for the most part anyways. This past week and a half I have been misbehaving and my stomach is fucking fed up with me. Too many pizza slices-four slices of pizza in a month is an overdose for me-, baked goods, etc. However, these dietary mishaps-which won't happen again, not for awhile anyways, no one's perfect-have led me on an accidental quest for the best pizza slice in Vancouver. So far, although I am always partial to the beef and blue cheese found across town, the best slice was a beef and blue cheese type slice with veggies at Pizza Garden at Napier and Commercial. Surprisingly good. The secret: the dough, light and crispy, and all the crunch sesame seeds on the crust. Check it out, I recommend it.
Well, I wish I could be wry and witty. I don't think I'm very funny. I guess not anyways. I thought that the title of one of my last posts-A Blender and A Whisk-would be a great title for a children's book or short story. Could I become a children's writer? Maybe. If I could give half the amount of joy to kids from a book, as the elation that a boy today at Kitsilano Farmers' Market was experiencing by drawing all over himself with chalk, I'd be all over that shit. Maybe.
I still think of hollandaise sauce and artichokes. Soon. I promise. We will be together.

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