Friday, October 2, 2009

Apple Pie

Seeing as those my wittiness and creative writing skills are a little dried up right now, I'll leave it at this:
I'm gonna bake me an apple pie for Thanksgiving. I certainly am. Oh yes I am. Stay tuned for results.


  1. Just made my first successful apple pie (with a buttery crust). Was so delicious, but not easy at all. That crust needs so much attention with chilling in the middle it took hours to make!
    It was a Martha Stewart recipe from her "Baking Handbook".
    Next time I'm just going to bake apples. The filling is my favourite part anyway!

  2. just looking through all my old blog posts here, and here you are, commenting on my blog! so awesome! a real live talented artisan such as yourself reading my blog. so awesome!!