Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Chronicle of Bad Eating

Bite of scone. Pumpkin bagel with chive and garlic cream cheese schmear. Another bite of scone. Three XL pieces of Super Hawaiian Feast Freshslice pizza.
Yeah, that's what I ate today. Well, that's what happens when you're poor as fuck and can't afford groceries until next week. The last week of the month always seems so hard, financially anyways. I seem to be on a three-weeks in a month schedule. I desperately don't want to go on EI (not that there is any shame in it because there completely isn't), but it's looking pretty good right now. Well I keep applying and hold out hope and be determined and crafty as hell for a few more weeks.
But, to be truthful, I could have eaten better today. I have the ingredients for another great stirfry, easy-peasy. I've got oatmeal and honey and a bit of frozen fruit. I could have had an omelette and fried potatoes. That would have be an excellently healthy menu. Well, I guess you always have more than you think. Shop your fridge. No excuses for tomorrow.

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