Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Best Cup of Coffee

Thank you baby. This is a big THANK-YOU to Anthony for the coffee grinder that he gave me for my birthday. Just like you. That warm and fuzzy feeling that I have in my gut is not just from the delicious coffee that I am having, but from the endless love that I have for you and receive from you. Yes, it took me forever to make the cup, mostly because I'd never used a coffee grinder before and I needed to clean my drip coffee maker, and I wanted everything to be perfect. Well, it is was worth the proverbial tears: it is the best coffee I have ever made, and definitely up there as far as the best I have ever had. Home brew, coffee-style. Awesome. Hopefully it won't hype me up too much. I shall indeed get back to you on what the brand of the coffee is. I can't remember, and to be honest, I am deliciously comfortable on my couch, blogging, sipping away, while Project Runway Canada plays in the background. It is well-worth the purchase however, so fret not, I will definitely remember to tell you the local brand and brew. To coffee-lovers everywhere.

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