Sunday, October 18, 2009


There are times when I wish I was more computer-savvy. Why can I not drag gadgets to the right side of my blog page? Ahhh. Sigh.
Anyways, I'm getting one of my anxiety "attacks" right now. Resulting from lack of motivation, procrastination of job applications, fear of future financial troubles, boredom. What I really want is some goddamn Pho. Which is not Chinese, my most sincere apologies for my culinary and cultural ignorance. It is Vietnamese. Thank you Emil. But it is too dark and thus scary out (perhaps irrationally so, but nonetheless), for me to walk up to Kingsway and eat Pho. But I want it so badly. Ahhh. A lot of sighing. That's how I feel. Annoyed, perturbed, and ineffectual. Woe is me, said Eeyore.
Farmers' market was fantastic today as usual. The community of farmers and craftspeople and cooks there are just wonderful. They are kind, interesting, varied, a real cornucopia of personalities and experiences. Today I scored some more of Nico's fantastic stuffed olives and some bread as well, not to mention a Mo Gwa melon, which has to be cooked, isn't sweet, is of Japanese variety, and is "hairy". Thanks Eric! There were other great creations culled and eaten, but I'm too lazy to delve into the jellified depths of my tired brain to list them here, or just to simply bring them back into my consciousness.
So here's a revelation: the type of store-bought powdered chicken stock/broth/OXO that you use in mushroom risotto makes a HUGE-H-U-G-E-HUGE difference in the taste and quality of the meal. I used Knorr yesterday, and it was way too salty and chickeny. It overwhelmed the creaminess and heavenly marriage of melted parmesan cheese and fried mushrooms that makes the dish so damn good. I am officially an indentured slave to OXO 25% less salt Chicken Stock, powdered stuff. Who knew the huge difference between OXO and Knorr? Who knew that the choice of one or the other could totally change my risotto? But, you know, just to brag a little, the risotto was still pretty good. But ohhh, with the OXO, it is ambrosia courtesy of my basement kitchen and my fledgling culinary genius.
That's all for now.

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