Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Successful Scones?

The scones I just made didn't quite turn out. They are much sweeter than I expected, which is a welcome surprise actually. But they are a little dry and quite crumbly. I added a bit of extra milk because I was using rice flour and had read that the rice flours absorbs liquid easier than regular flour. Thus, I am not sure why it went slightly awry: too much milk? not enough? baked too long? The dough was so "wet" that I couldn't knead it at all or shape it into the wedges that the recipe called for. So that would make me think that there was too much milk. Well, it's nice and golden-brown, and isn't goopy, so for a first-time bake, it didn't go so bad. I may have to just grin and bear it and buy regular flour-sorry tummy-and try it that way. Wish me luck on my second try, this time, with cranberries.

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