Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Root and a Cause

The root: potatoes. The cause: discovery and success of ways of cooking them well. The problem: my lack of cooking experience with potatoes. When it comes to root vegetables, I do neglect them. I've never been a huge potato fan, but I do like some fried potatoes every now and again, some buttery mashed potatoes, some French fries. One day I'll venture into the unknown world of turnips and rutabagas. My success since I began my journey into food this past summer with potatoes has been average I would say. I made some yummy mashed potatoes in the fall, but also one or two that didn't quite work out: not enough fluff, too much milk and the like. I've also made some great breakfast potatoes over the last few months, but have discovered that not every type of potato works for that dish, not at all actually. It would seem that the big earthy russet-type potato works well, but not the nugget potatoes I have. I keep meaning to boil them and then mix them with some butter and/or mayonnaise and green onions, but I keep, well, not doing so. If anyone has any suggestions for great easy potato recipes, I'm all ears. I think I need help.

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