Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Bite-Size, No-Frills, All-Guarantee Recipe to A Great Salad

Green lettuce (ripped up into bite-size pieces; Romaine lettuce could do here as well)
Chopped red peppers
Any other manner of favourite veggies
*Red wine vinegar (to taste)
*Salt and pepper (to taste)

I owe this really to my boss/co-worker at the Vancouver Farmers Markets, Ms. Jen Pleadwell. A couple weeks ago she was eating a delicious homemade lunch of borscht and salad, and I commented on its said deliciousness. We entered a discussion about food, fresh ingredients, good knives, salads, and the like. The golden nugget of truth that she provided was that the salad was just some romaine lettuce and red wine vinegar. Most of us will already know that the standard homemade dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with some crushed garlic and salt/pepper to personal opinion and taste. But, you see, red wine vinegar on its own with some salt and pepper is all you need. I bought a 1L bottle of Italian red wine vinegar for $3 from Santa Barbara Market on the weekend and it is awesome both in taste, quality, and value. I really recommend it. I've made two, delicious, simple, straightforward salads so far and I have been very pleased with it. It has really motivated me to get back on the leafy salad bandwagon again. In all truthfulness, that is why I bought it, to get me eating some fresh vegetables again. This is something that both the cash-strapped and cash-abundant can afford, trust me, because I am so very much in the former, unfortunate category. So, rip up that lettuce, splash that vinegar, and shake that salt 'n' peppa.

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