Thursday, January 28, 2010

All I Do Is Eat

While the title of this blog is not technically true of course-even the biggest gorger isn't literally eating all the time-food, eating, and cooking are often activities my brain and body are engaged in. Today, however, I feel as though all I've done for the last six hours is eat. Here's the ingested:

One sandwich (two slices spelt bread, mayo, crushed garlic, black forest ham, three/four slices of red peppers, two pieces of lettuce)
One celery stick
Small bowl of Moka Liberte yogurt
A bunch of Original Doritos

Staff Meeting Snacks:
One carbonated juice
Uncounted number of garlic/parsley olives, Hardbite Rock Salt & Vinegar potato chips, Almond Nut Thins with Zucchini Dip, Nut-Granola thing

One Chorizo Pork sausage
Three boiled nugget potatoes w/ 1 tbsp of butter, three ripped up chives, drizzle of mayo, with salt and pepper
One carbonated juice

Two mugs of green tea
Two mugs of water (maybe another?)

Not to worry, this isn't going to become some lamentable diet blog. I'm not Bridget Jones either in weight, psychological issues, hilarity, terrible taste in men, and crazy mother having delayed mid-life crisis. It just came to me to get it all out on "paper" what I had ingested in the last six or so hours. Although, I can see if I was to attempt to change my diet to a healthier one, writing it out like this would be an extremely helpful tool.
Thinking about giving Avalon Dairy a visit in the next few days. After all, 41st and Wales isn't that far from me: just a short ride on the 20. We'll see.

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