Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ethical Eater

As I have said before, I believe that eating ethically is the best choice to make, over eating locally or organically. Likely, eating ethically will largely involve eating locally and organically. I agree with Michael Ableman, don't eat local just for the sake of eating local, or because you feel bad for the local farmers. Make the best choice for you. I believe that choice to be an the choice of eating ethically. It's difficult, a huge challenge for most in this day and age of the horrific proliferation and power of monocultures, GM foods, factory 'torture' farms, and the like. But it is totally possible. Make the ethical choices that you are able to. If you can only make one, make one. Drink organic milk. Eat organic apples. Abstain from eating factory farm meat. Eat organic, free-range/run eggs. Visit a local organic farm. Go to Avalon Dairy! Volunteer at the UBC Farm. Become a part of a community garden. Watch The Future of Food. Stop eating McDonald's.

In more direct relation to the title of my post, if you are interested in eating ethically at home when it comes to meat and dairy, here are some links to some great local farms that will allow you to do so:
Rabbit River Farms: (Organic/Free-Range/Free-Run/Vegetarian Feed Fed Eggs)
Avalon Dairy: (Conventional & Organic Milk, Butter, Eggs, Cheese, etc.)
Rockweld Farm: (Organic Feed Fed, Antiobiotic-Free, SPCA Certified Chicken)
SPCA Certified Farms (BC & Alberta):

Enjoy your ethical eating!

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