Friday, March 26, 2010

Portland Series: The Magic Is In The Hole

FBF is back. Forcibly brought back from exile. I realized that the fact that I keep saying I am back after a long absence, I have writer's block, I'm tired, I'm busy, I'm sick, etc., etc... and not actually posting regularly might start ringing loudly of LAZY. As such, I am listening to my dance tunes (Thank you Ke$ha, Gaga and B, RiRi) and returning to my blog officially. I have no excuses. Thus bringing me to the fact that the magic is in the hole.

The hole of a doughnut. The hole of a Voodoo Doughnut to be precise. I first came to know about the sugary, battery goodness of Voodoo Doughnut via one of my favourite Vancity food blogs, noshwell. Bacon and maple doughnut, anyone? I swear that was one of the main reasons why I went down to PDX earlier this month. Plus, that doughnut (well, perhaps not one from Voodoo, but inspired surely) was featured on Criminal Minds earlier this year. Say no more. (Oh, and Anthony Bourdain is a fan.)

Was it worth it you ask? Hell yeah. $2.50 was a totally reasonable price and the doughnut was perfect. The bacon was salty, which really hit it off with the smoky, caramelized perfection of the maple topping. It was filling and sat lightly in my stomach. Really good. I imagine it would have been especially good with a cup of joe from Stumptown down the street (whose washrooms I used). 

And if salty-sweet isn't your thing (don't tell me that chocolate-covered pretzels aren't the best thing Rold Gold ever made), there are tons of other kinds, including ones with cereal on top and apparently one that has a Nyquil topping and involves Pepto-Bismol as well (it is unsurprisingly "on hold" according to their website). I suppose the latter would be great if you had  nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diahrrea. Although, a crazy creation like that could end up giving you all the above anyways.

If I was a resident of PDX, I would definitely be a repeat customer. The space is absolutely tiny; I am absolutely amazed at the sheer number and kinds of donuts they produce in such a small baking space, crammed behind the counter and display case, which is alternatively crammed behind a tiny space where people line-up (down the street) to get their goodies. They do everything that is possible with the space they have however. Talk about space management. The walls are pink, the interior is bright and fun, dominated by a crazy spiralling gold chandelier that is at once decadent, Dali-esque, and alien. Not to mention some violent, strange donut art on the walls that I loved in the way I love Family Guy, cringing while laughing hysterically and fighting nausea.

Needless to say, I loved Voodoo Doughnut and if you ever make it down to Portland, you must go. I went to the original Old Town location and I recommend you do too. 

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