Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Alright, so it's not a foodie triumph. But who says this blog can't act like my diary too?! Not that I've ever really kept a diary, but all the same. Ezcema be gone! No real thanks to Dr. I'm an Idiot Genot. But, real huge BIG BIG UPPPPPS to Wanda, at the beauty counter at Shoppers Drug Mart at Broadway and Commercial. She saved my life. Honestly, I haven't felt that truly depressed and despondent, well, maybe ever in my life. I over-applied the prescription-grade hydrocortisone-based cream around my mouth and although it stopped the raw skin from 'weeping' (a polite term for 'gentle oozing'), it made it so dry and red and angry that I could not smile or laugh and barely eat. It was horrific. I felt so ugly and depressed. I will be writing a letter of complaint to Dr. Genot regarding her lack of thorough health care-telling a patient to 'moisturize' is hardly medical advice. What the FUCK am I going to moisturize with, you bitch? Anyways, after coming home from what should have been a wonderful dinner out with my baby, I said fuck this and left and went to Shoppers for some advice. The pharmacist surprisingly led me to Wanda, at the beauty counter, and she took a lot of time purely dedicated to me to show me my saviour-ROC Dermatologic Enydrial Creams-and give me tips on how to apply the creams, etc., etc. That hand cream and lip care, combined with the moisture gloves, has almost completely healed me. The difference is incredible. I am forever devoted. All Vaseline creams, be damned. Besides being an irritant, petroleum-based products (which Vaseline is) are thoroughly non-renewable. And I don't care if the ROC stuff isn't either, it fucking works so well. The French seem to do everything better. The food-related note of this story is that I cannot eat anything spicy or acidic, and I mean anything, or else it literally burns the skin off my mouth. I've done fantastic so far, except for saying 'yes' to the salsa on my fish tacos. But, I am so proud of myself and so thankful. Goddamn, it's been hard. It's been hard. But I'm emerging more beautiful than ever. You should see my hair right now, and my skin of course. Triumph.

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