Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pho vs. Ramen: The Battle of the Asian Noodles

Pho. Ramen. The Battle of the Asian Noodles. Who shall win? The people are divided. It is down to one vote. The Fledgling Basement Chef must decide it all. It all rests on her shoulders, the fate of the Asian noodles.
I pick Pho. I had ramen noodles for the first time today at Gyoza King. Vegetables Ramen. To me, the Vietnamese rice pho noodles are much tastier, lighter, and much more absorbent of its flavourful beef stock. But Ramen is still a nice wintry delight and really filling. Naturally, being at Gyoza King where the best (or second best if The Diamond's gyozas truly are as good as everyone says they are) gyozas in town can be found, I also ordered pork and chive gyozas. Perfect. Tasty. Nicely deep-fried. Goes down easy. All of this for $15 including tip! Why is that Asian restaurants throughout the city constantly trump all other restaurants when it comes to price point?

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