Thursday, December 31, 2009

Figs and Brie

Figs and brie. Dried Greek figs and triple-cream brie, to be more specific. About a week ago, Anthony and I had our Christmas celebration with my dad, full of good food and good cheer and all that. One of the delicious appetizers that my dad provided was dried figs (Mission-style, I think) stuffed with a little bit of prosciutto. They were delicious. I was really hesitant about eating the figs, for reasons indecipherable even to myself. I think I might have-past tense is key here-equated dried figs with dried prunes, which is an erroneous thought in the greatest degree. BUT, what elevated this lovely appetizer to something truly food-gasmic was spreading a good bit of creamy brie on the fig and eating it that way. Really good stuff. Fruit and cheese have such a rich love story, lasting through the ages, in endless forms. So, unable to shake such a great culinary experience, today when I went grocery shopping with limited funds-as always!-I bought some sun-dried greek figs for $2.99 from Santa Barbara Market and some inexpensive triple-cream (yes, triple, I know) brie from La Grotta del Fromaggio. Oh, and some prosciutto-style salami from the latter as well. I was not disappointed. The brie and figs are a perfect match for each other. Just delicious. And figs are very healthy for you too! Two of these dried figs are 15% of your daily recommended fibre intake. Seeing as I had six of them (in case you aren't inclined to be mentally mathematically quick, that is 90% of you DR fibre), that's awesome. I really struggle to get enough varied, healthy, soluble fibre in my diet and enough fruits and vegetables, so these figs might be my gut's saviour-in-waiting. The prosciutto-style salami, while tasty, isn't nearly as good as straight-up prosciutto, but the latter can be expensive, so I just tried the latter.

While the sandwich I ate with the latter wasn't that good-old style dijion
mustard does not apparently go well with brie cheese-European Breads Bakery 100% Barley Bread did not disappoint. Still, I greatly favour their Spelt Bread. I'm thinking I should roast some peppers for a kick-ass vegetarian sandwich with brie cheese sometime this week. And looking ahead to tomorrow, there's some Fabulous Roasted Cauliflower Soup to be made. Yumms.

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