Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Favourite Food: Fraser Meadow Probiotic Honey Yogurt

The more I go grocery shopping, especially when I'm in Safeway, the more depressed I get. Everything has preservatives in it, soy lecithin, sugar, modified corn starch, colour X, flavour Y, toxic swill # 30.
I actually had a hard time finding a jar of freakin' pickles that did not have "Colour" in it. Colour? Are you kidding me? Why would pickles need colour? ACK!

A lot of my nervous breakdowns-always silent, always just in my head, although it's possible eyes are bugging out crazy-style-take place in front of the yogurt. Seriously, wtf! I urge you to really take your time when you're buying yogurt. Most of it is just loaded with the grossest, most unnecessary ingredients: modified corn starch, sugar, artificial colour and flavour, additives from Mars & Venus. I mean, honestly, yogurt is this: milk and bacterial cultures, for fuck's sake!

So, not surprisingly, I did not find actual delicious and healthy, honest yogurt in Safeway. I found it in Donald's Market on Commercial Drive. It is this: Fraser Meadow Probiotic Honey Yogurt. 2% milk fat, from Agassiz (so if you're scene of choice is the locavore crowd, you'll be extra happy!), made with only organic milk, honey, and probiotic, active bacterial cultures. And it is great! Creamy (but without the unnecessary cream and sugar), tasty, healthy, and no bad milky after taste.

Photo Credit: www.vanmag.com

In fact, one of Fraser Meadows' yogurts was included in Vancouver Magazine's 2009 Top 100 Things To Taste Before You Die. And I have to say, they know their food!
So, screw Safeway and buy some actual yogurt from a small family farm in your own backyard.


  1. They also have a Vanilla Mango yogurt that's so good it's a challenge not to consume the entire container in one sitting. Fraser Meadow makes a seriously delicious product and deserves to be much better known!

  2. Hi Robert! Thanks for reading my blog.
    That does sound delicious. I did see that they had other flavours, but the honey really jumped out at me. I hope to see Fraser Meadow in more grocery stores in the city:)

  3. I just discovered this yoghurt myself at IGA. Now i'm telling everyone how its the absolute BEST!!

  4. I'm so thrilled to hear that a chain is selling their yogurt! While I do like the Vanilla, I'm all about the Honey because it is sugar-free.

  5. I liked Fraser Meadow yogurt and was happy to support a local business but was a bit horrified to find out the sugar content. 1/2 cup has as much sugar as 6 'Celebrations' chocolate cookies I would like to support them but wont give it to my kids on any regular basis.


  6. The Vanilla yogurt by Fraser Meadows is to die for. IGA currently just ran out of their supply of this yogurt and i'm suffering. No other yogurt compares and I don't know where else to get it from. I live on the North Shore, any ideas as to who else sells this product???

  7. Thanks for your comments guys! This blog has been MIA for several months-due to medical reasons before and a new job now-but I'm so glad people are still reading it!
    To Anonymous (commented on Feb. 19), Fraser Meadow's Honey yogurt is amazing and sugar-free! That's the only one I eat, with the occasional dip into their Plain yogurt and then I just add honey. I accidentally picked up the Vanilla yogurt the other day and it is very good, but I wouldn't get it again because I don't like to have yogurt that has added sugar in it.
    To Anonymous (commented on April 10), Fraser Meadow's stock is a bit unpredictable, understandable as they are a small operation out of Agassiz. I've only ever purchased mine at Donald's Market in East Van! I hope you've been able to find some more in the meantime!
    Happy yogurt-ing!

  8. Hi there, I just kind of stumbled upon this blog and was quite happy to read how much you like Fraser Meadows Honey yogurt. I actually happen to be a big big fan of this brand of yogurt that comes from Agassiz. Actually you can find this brand at two different IGA markets in Van, both Donalds on Commercial and Hastings, you can find their yogurt in a market on Dunbar and many more small markets in Vancouver and on the island in such areas as Victoria and Salt Spring Island.. You will not find this delicious pro-biotic yogurt in such franchises like safeway, save on foods, etc. only in small food markets. I highly recommend anyone who loves yogurt to purchase their product, especially because this brand as you said is not full of disgusting artificial flavors, or additives. I would really love to see more flavors be made in the future! do not forget not all these markets carry all flavors of this yogurt. :)

  9. This post has been so popular! I'm so pleased:)
    I'm definitely a die-hard fan of their Honey yogurt. It's Honey or nothin'!:)

  10. Just so you know if you compare the sugar content in this brand compared to any other yogurt you will be amazed at how little sugare is in it...I have been looking for a good tasting yogurt for over a year without the 20 - 34 grams of sugar that most yogurts contain and I buy the vanilla raspberry Fraser Meadow yogurt and it only contains 2 grams of sugar per serving. I don't know what the other flavours contain but 2 grams per serving is incredibly low and almost unheard of. I will check out the other flavours the next time I shop for it but honestly I don't want to eat any other yogurt now that I have found this! Thanks for having this blog!!!

  11. I have been eating this yogurt for several years now and I always bought the small size, twice now I have bought the large size and it tastes different quite a bit more tart I just wonder if any one else noticed this. Also the person on the northshore Queensdale market on upper Lonsdale sells it. It is the best yogurt on the market. Thanks a lot

  12. It's funny you should mention that Anonymous, October 27, 2011, because I have noticed that as well. Of late, I've been buying the Plain yogurt and just adding Uprising Breads Honey Almond granola (wheat-free, yay!), berries, and local honey.
    May I also mention that I apologize for taking so long to publish your comment. I am planning a re-launch of the blog in the new year, potentially with an adjoining Facebook page, so hopefully it will be more active (or active at all really) at that point.
    Your comments and readership are greatly appreciated!

  13. Is Fraser Meadows still using organic milk? They've stopped labeling it as such.

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      That's an excellent question. Let me look into that and I will get back to you in a couple days.
      Thank you!